What is Inventory-manager ?

Inventory-Manager is a tools developed to centralize the information of the hardware and software of a company without install a agent program. The objective of this tool is:

  • Obtain a complete inventory of installed hardware and software classified by version, server location, S.O and many other parameters.
  • generate view in different format of graph (for example tables, bars ) and unify in dashboard.
  • Obsolete control.
  • audit of servers
  • decision making

What Inventory-manager is not ?

Inventory-Manager can be a very versatile tool, but the scope of the tool is limited. This is not a:

  • monitoring tool
  • alert tool
  • security tool

Who its work

The first tool necessary to map and inventory your network is Netbox. Inventory-Manager get all network and and site locations from Netbox.

The second tool that we need is a Kafka cluster. Inventory-Manager save the scanning and parsed results inside a kafka topics.

The third and last tool is a ELK suite, Elasticsearch, Logstash y Kibana. Inventory-Manager use Logstash to collect the parsed information from the final kafka topic, and save this information inside a Elasticsearch database.

Then you can make your dashboards with Kibana, Grafana or with anyone tool that can connect an elasticsearch database.

GOLE Suite Dependencies

Inventory-Manager is part a GOLE Suite.

Before we use Inventory-Manager, we need start hi-worker. This module is used by the manager to process and parsed all the hosts.

You can have many microservices of hi-worker running.

External Dependencies